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  1. Strutting Around–It is Fall After All

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    Happy Fall everyone! It is such a lovely time of year, and, at least in our opinion, a little bit slower paced than the rest of the year! There are so many sights and scents and sounds to savor in the fall–I bet your dog loves this time of year too!
    Every fall FETCH a Cure hosts a pet cancer awareness walk called “Mutt Strutt” that aims to raise funds for Companions in Crisis–our financial assistance program for families who need cancer treatment for their pets. This year’s walk will be at Deep Run Park on October 26th. Dogs are encouraged and we look forward to seeing all of them, but, we are always extra thrilled to see the survivors! Every year many dogs who are battling cancer, or who have been through the battle join us for the one mile walk to show their support for what we do. Many of our participating teams are families who have benefited from our CIC fund and use the opportunity to give back to the organization–but, many are just animal lovers like we all are, who want to lend a helping hand.

    If you are interested in getting involved with FETCH a Cure, this is a marvelous opportunity. Through our website, you can start your own fundraising page as an individual, or, create a team, and help collect donations from your own family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. We have fabulous prizes for individuals and teams that raise the most for Mutt Strutt; but, we both know the real prize is always the happy grins and wagging tails and pet community that comes together to support the strides being made in pet cancer education, awareness and treatment. We are also looking for volunteers to help “behind the scenes” to make the day a great success.  If you would like more information on helping us set up and host the Mutt Strutt, please email!

    Please come out and enjoy a beautiful fall day with us. The day of the walk will include all sorts of pet-centric vendors, a food truck, an apple cider stand with handmade pet treats, activities for kids and dogs and, of course, a beautiful one mile walk around the lake–to absorb the colors of changing leaves, the crisp fall air and the shared energy and strength, directed at one great cause. Register to join us, today!

    We look forward to seeing you–and your best friend!


  2. “Hands on” volunteer work that can fit your routine

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    FETCH a Cure is out and about in the community at all sorts of events. We have volunteers that help at all of them. They help by telling the public what it is that we do. They explain all of our fabulous programs and they hand out information and FETCH swag. We have many volunteers who help in the office when we have huge projects. We have amazing volunteers who help plan our fancy events and then execute amazing evenings. We always say that our volunteers are the very best volunteers around and oh how we mean it!
    What we have a shortage of are volunteers to help with our Pen Pals program. This fantastic program serves humans and animals in a way no other program does. The tough part about the program though, are the logistics of getting the dogs out of the correctional facilities when we need to. Usually, we like to get them out for high profile adoption events that are happening in and around the city and, of course, the correctional facilities are far out. We need regular volunteers to call upon to “taxi” these dogs to and from their respective “pens”. This will always be during regular business hours. What we also need is a reliable group of foster homes for these dogs when they are out. Foster stays are usually just for the weekend. We occasionally need longer accommodations, but not typically.
    FETCH a Cure provides a crate, food, toys and any other thing a particular dog might need to make his stay comfortable. Most of the dogs in the program get along very nicely with other dogs, and are incredibly well mannered. Besides getting seen, another huge perk of having these dogs in a foster care situation occasionally is that we get to learn more about them. Most of the dogs in our program come from euthanizing shelters in the area, with no record of their history or their preferences. Learning as much as we can about their personalities in a home environment makes it easier to place them in the best home possible. Please consider opening up your home for a weekend guest!