Holiday Bone Treats

Monday, November 01, 2021


Each November, we launch a bone cancer awareness and fundraising campaign called Holiday Bone Treats.

This campaign highlights osteosarcoma, which accounts for approximately 5% of all canine tumors, but is by far the most common bone tumor found in dogs.  It is a malignant tumor of the bone and can develop in any bone, but most often occurs in bones bordering the shoulder, wrist and knee.

Mike Holland, the founder of FETCH a Cure, faced an osteosarcoma diagnosis with his own dog, Hannah, more than a decade ago. His experiences ultimately led him to create FETCH, which works to provide accessible treatment options and information about cancer to pet families in our communities.

The “rein-dog” displays are a visual reminder that November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month; they also serve as a conversation piece and educational visual aid while clients are checking in and out at the reception desk, or they can be hand-delivered to clients checking out curbside. The wooden “rein-dogs” are in the shape of our famous mini steel pups, and they are decorated with bells and antlers to signify the festive season.

We will start setting up sponsorship packages for 2021 in September. Check back then!