The Memorials listed below are from owners, family, friends, and veterinarians, commemorating the lives of beloved pets through the FETCH a Cure Memorial Fund. This fund was created to give pet parents a way to commemorate their loved one. The fund also aids in the continued development and support of FETCH’s mission and programs. To make a donation in memorial of a pet, please visit our Memorial Fund page.


Bodie Berger – from Dr. Austin Wigley
Becker Blackburn –
from Dr. Randy Mortimer
Millie Brannan – from Dr. Carolyn Evans
Lacey Mae Byrd – from Dr. Randy Mortimer
Stella Credle – 
from Dr. Randy Mortimer
Bess Ellerie-Delaney – from Dr. Austin Wigley
Heidi Fletcher-Smith – from Dr. Carolyn Evans
Maggie Siler – from Dr. Randy Mortimer
Peyton Skipper – from Dr. Carolyn Evans
Bella Tisdel – from Dr. Carolyn Evans
Roxy Walker – from Dr. Carolyn Evans
Holden Whetstine – from Dr. Alex Dahlgren at Lovingkindess Veterinary Care

2019 Memorials