Alternative Medicine Can Make A Difference


by Dr. Tracy Lord, Four Paws Holistic Care

Classically, alternative medicine has been used in cancer patients to help buffer side effects from chemotherapy and radiation as well as to help with pain control.  Acupuncture and herbs can, without question, be very effective to promote appetite, decrease nausea, stimulate the immune system and even promote heart function; making them a great asset to any chemotherapy or radiation patient.  Further, acupuncture can be a very effective means of pain control whether the pain results from cancer or is due to an unrelated condition such as arthritis.  This is especially significant as chemotherapy protocols often prevent conventional pain medications from being used.


In addition to its supportive role, alternative medicine can be used to directly treat cancer.  Recent studies and clinical trials have definitively shown that herbs and supplements are more than palliative.  They act directly against tumor cells, often to great effect, working by inhibiting pathways that tumors rely on to escape detection and eradication by the immune system.  By slowing cell division in some cases and disrupting a tumor’s blood supply in others, herbs and supplements are able to make a real difference in an animal’s prognosis.


Both the tumor and the patient’s constitution help a practitioner choose the most effective treatment for each patient.  Single herbs or supplements as therapy are generally not strong enough, but by using combinations and optimizing diet, it is expected to see naturopathic oncology patients live with great energy and vitality. The use of alternative modalities changes the way the body responds, not only to the tumor, but to all of its stressors, improving quality of life and in most cases quantity of life as well.


November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month! 

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