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  1. Companions in Crisis Feature: Kaylee

    FETCH a Cure’s Companions in Crisis program provides hope and options to families facing a cancer diagnosis with their cat or dog. On average, we fund 20 to 40 percent of lifesaving pet cancer treatments so pets like Kaylee can have a second chance at additional, quality time with the people that love them most. […]

  2. Get to Know Madden — The Face of Our 2021 Holiday Bone Treats Campaign

    Each November, we launch a bone cancer awareness and fundraising campaign called Holiday Bone Treats. This campaign highlights osteosarcoma, which accounts for approximately 5% of all canine tumors, but is by far the most common bone tumor found in dogs.  It is a malignant tumor of the bone and can develop in any bone, but most […]

  3. Big Sister Ava

    Ava is a two-year-old labrador retriever from Mineral, Va., who is being treated for lymphoma at The Oncology Service Richmond. Her mom shared her story.  “I got Ava about two years ago. I’ve always had large-breed dogs, which have a comparatively short lifespan. I read about labrador retrievers and loved everything about them: temperament, lifespan, […]

  4. Found a Peanut!

    Peanut Kern is a nine-year-old Miniature Schnauzer; she’s receiving radiation treatment for her thyroid carcinoma. Peanut has been receiving chemotherapy but the cancer has progressed, so radiation has been recommended at The Oncology Service Springfield with Dr. Ira Gordon.  Her parent shares their story:  “About a year after I lost my chihuahua Bruiser to cancer,  […]

  5. Remembering Raleigh

    We met Alison, a/k/a Raleigh’s Mama, at FETCH a Cure’s recent Mutt Strut. We thank her for sharing this wonderful story of her dog’s life. Raleigh is a fine example of the value of cancer treatment! We are sharing a series of treatment success stories this week.  “Raleigh, my sweet and loving golden retriever, was […]