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  1. FETCH Feature: Kilo, a 2020 CIC

    Meet Kilo, a 7 year old mastiff mix and one of our first 2020 Companions in Crisis recipients 💙🐾 Kilo’s health started to decline toward the end of 2019, starting with lethargy and lack of appetite, followed by incontinence and seizures. Several visits with the vet, pet ER, and a specialist later, and they discovered that […]

  2. FETCH Feature: Bocephus the Cat

    Meet Bochepus, a 15 year old Persian cat and recent Companions in Crisis recipient. Bocephus’ family took him to the veterinarian after they noticed him making a snoring noise while sleeping. Throughout his entire life, he’d never been a snorer, so they thought he may be sick. They were right — the vet found a […]

  3. New Year’s Eve Kindness: Your Donation Matched

      Iggy was a beloved member of her family. She was adopted from the Richmond SPCA and quickly settled into her forever home.​​​​​​​ When her family rescued their second dog, Violet, Iggy took it upon herself to show her she was home. She was Violet’s constant companion and gave her the courage to accept and […]

  4. Celebrating 3 Years of the Advanced Radiation Treatment Center (ARTC)

    On October 25, 2016, after nearly a decade spent raising funds, FETCH a Cure and The Oncology Service opened the Advanced Radiation Treatment Center (ARTC) in Richmond, Virginia. The ARTC is the only treatment center of its kind within 100 miles of Richmond, making high-quality radiation treatment more accessible for pets and their families in […]

  5. Choosing our Pen Pals Pups

    On average, we have fifteen dogs in our Pixie’s Pen Pals program at a time, spread between three correctional facilities. When we line up an adoption for one of our pups, we start the search for a new dog to transfer in once we have a spot open. “We try to have less than a […]