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  1. Remembering Raleigh

    We met Alison, a/k/a Raleigh’s Mama, at FETCH a Cure’s recent Mutt Strut. We thank her for sharing this wonderful story of her dog’s life. Raleigh is a fine example of the value of cancer treatment! We are sharing a series of treatment success stories this week.  “Raleigh, my sweet and loving golden retriever, was […]

  2. Meet Rosko

    Rosko is a three-year-old pitbull being treated for B-cell lymphoma by Dr. Christina Manley at The Oncology Service Leesburg. Lymphoma is considered to be the most chemotherapy-responsive cancer in dogs, and B-cell lymphoma is more prevalent than T-cell lymphoma. Rosko’s mom is hopeful as she shares his story: “My sweet three-year-young Rosko has so much […]

  3. A Closer Look at Lumps & Bumps

    We frequently offer free lumps & bumps checks, and encourage you to meet us at one near you. Here’s why. Dogs can sprout a variety of lumps, bumps, and skin growths, especially as they age. Fortunately, most are merely unsightly or messy rather than harmful. No growth can be definitively diagnosed by its appearance alone, […]

  4. The Incredible Hulk

    Hulk is a five-year-old shepherd mix undergoing chemotherapy treatments with Dr. Waite at The Oncology Service Richmond. FETCH is happy to be helping cover costs with a Companions in Crisis grant. His owner shared his story: “I’ll remember the day in 2016 we got Hulk forever because it was the day before my grandma passed […]

  5. Sweet Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter is a sweet Chihuahua mix who’s being treated for mammary carcinoma by Dr. Waite at The Oncology Service Richmond. Her pet parent writes:   “Peanut Butter went through a lot before she found me. A couple found her pregnant and seemingly abandoned on the street. They searched for her family but no one […]