Steel Dog Project

Steel Dogs Helping Real Dogs

POP 11 2FETCH a Cure’s steel dog sculptures were created as the signature piece of our pet cancer awareness campaign and annual fundraiser, Pets on Parade Benefit & Auction, held every June. The sculptures are sponsored each year by businesses, veterinary practices and individuals. In partnership with area artists, these sculptures are transformed into community works of art and serve to raise awareness of pet cancer.

Each year, the new litter of dogs debuts in early spring and is displayed around town leading up to The Pets on Parade Benefit & Auction in June. Through FETCH a Cure’s Steel Dog Project, #steeldogshelpingrealdogs, there are currently 200+ steel dogs out in our community!

When you see these sculptures, it is FETCH’s hope that you: think about pet cancer, check your pet for early warning signs of cancer, and if your pet has cancer, you are filled with hope, knowing FETCH a Cure is here to help.

Steel Cats Helping Real Cats

Every year, several of our steel dogs and cats are also available at our Pets on Parade Benefit in the popular “Pick of the Litter” auction, usually painted and designed by known Richmond artists. Unfortunately, one in four dogs and one in five cats are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. Like Steel Dogs Helping Real Dogs, our Steel Cats Helping Real Cats campaign works to raise awareness, education, and funding for lifesaving pet cancer treatments. Our Pets on Parade charity auction raises funds for our Companions in Crisis program, which financially supports families in Virginia, Maryland, and DC who are facing a scary cancer diagnosis with their beloved cat or dog. We are honored to auction these unique steel cats and dogs to uplift our important work and to provide hope to pet owners during a difficult time.

About the Steel Sculptures:

One-of-a-kind sculptures are created every year, every one is different! The dogs were originally created by Bruce Mickelson, an extremely gifted metal crafter. He designed the FETCH dog to represent all dogs and to stand proudly to raise awareness for pet cancer. The steel dogs are about 40 inches tall and 41 inches from nose to tail made of everlasting, cold-rolled steel and set on wheels for easy transportation. The sculpture represents the pet community with pride and strength.


Sponsorship & Artists:

For Steel Dog Project sponsorship information, contact: or 804-525-2193.

If you are an artist and would like to paint/create a steel dog, please contact the FETCH office at 804-525-2193 or email

Past Dog Litters:

2008 Steel Dog Litter


2009 Steel Pup Litter


2010 Steel Pup Litter



2011 Steel Pup Litter


2012 Steel Pup Litter


2013 Steel Pup Litter


2014 Steel Pup Litter


2015 Steel Pup Litter



2016 Steel Pup Litter

2017 Steel Dog Litter

2018 Steel Dog Litter


2019 Steel Dog Litter

2020 Steel Dog Litter