The outpouring of love and support from the community is underscored by FETCH’s extraordinary volunteers who help us with just about everything!  Our volunteers are truly part of our extended family.  They donate their time by manning the FETCH a Cure info booth at events out in our community; they donate their talents by joining our event committees for our Bow Tie Open golf tournament and Pets on Parade event; they show their dedication and love to the pets in our community by helping with our Pen Pals program and spreading the word about how FETCH can help pets who have been diagnosed with cancer through our Companions in Crisis program; and they commit their voices to the mission by attending all the other fundraising events that we have! These represent just a fraction of what they do and how they help.

If you want to volunteer for FETCH a Cure, contact Rebecca at Rebecca@fetchacure.com or call the FETCH office at 804.525.2193 and she will find the best volunteer job match for you based on your availability and talents.

Current Opportunities to Volunteer for FETCH a Cure:

**This is what we’ve signed up for so far–it’s likely more events and opportunities to volunteer for FETCH a Cure will arise!
**PEN PALS is looking for volunteers to do home visits for potential adopters! If you have a flexible schedule and can help out with finding perfect homes for our Pen Pals pups, please let us know!**

Please join our mailing list below if you want to sign up to help–or if you have any questions!

Pen Pals Program Volunteers

Are you interested in helping a Pen Pals dog, but unable to adopt?  Well, there are a few other options that will get you some hands-on interaction with one of our Pen Pals dogs. You can: