Meet Lili, A Little Pup with a Big Personality

Our newest 2020 Companions in Crisis recipient, Lili, is being treated at The Oncology Service at Dogwood in Richmond, VA for a Grade 2 mammary carcinoma with lymphatic invasion. By providing lifesaving pet cancer treatment funding, it is our hope that Lili can enjoy more healthy, quality time with her doggie sisters and loving parents. After all, our dogs and cats are more than just pets. They’re family. Read Lili’s story below, written by her wonderful mom:

“Our beautiful Westie girl, Lili Louise Lent-McLaughlin (a.k.a. Lili “Lou”) was born on June 15, 2005. She will be 15 years old in just 10 days! However, you would never guess her age because she is such a happy puppy dog with energy and sass.

I have had Westies all my life in my family, since I was a baby. But, Lili is my first dog of my very own! She was given to me by my sister, Jennifer, in 2006. Jennifer could tell I was depressed and lonely at college by myself in Richmond, VA. Once she got Lili for me, my life was changed! I truly believe Lili was meant for me and is my soulmate. She never leaves a room without me. We are kindred spirits. Lili was named after the best character role I ever played in the musical theater production of “Carnival”.

Lili’s best friend is Zoey. Zoey is 12 years old. We got her in 2007 so Lili would have a friend to play with. They are always together. We also have a third Westie girl, named Maysie. We rescued her last May. She was a stray in poor condition! We adopted her when she was never claimed. Our Westie girls are like 3 peas in a pod.

Lili is a tough cookie! She had surgery for a knee injury a few years back. She also had her uterus removed in 2018. But, other than this new cancer diagnosis, Lili is a healthy girl!

We are lucky we caught the tumors early while they were still small. She had 3 tiny mammary gland tumors removed, as well as the mammary gland chain they were in, removed, about a month ago. The biopsy results came back malignant. That has devastated us. I just lost my mother to aggressive ovarian cancer, I can’t lose my Lili, too! It was because of my mother that I have such a love for animals, and especially for Westies! When my mom was in her final days, I said to her “I cannot live without you!”. Her response was, “You have your girls.” She was referring to Lili and Zoey (We think our third Westie, Maysie was brought to us somehow by my Mom after her death). Mom always viewed them as little angels and as a precious gift from God. She knew I would be okay as long as I had my babies. They are the only thing getting me through the agonizing grief of losing my mother! So, we have to do everything we can to keep Lili healthy and happy for as long as we can!

My husband’s work hours have been reduced due to Covid-19, so he is currently making less than he did last year. I left my full time government job to care for my Mom when she was terminally ill in 2018. The debilitating grief kept me from working after that for 18 months. Recently, I started working part time as a Shipt Shopper while trying to address my grief in therapy. The vet bills have piled up due to Lili’s surgery, and Zoey’s Addison’s disease.

We are doing the best we can, but aren’t able to afford Lili’s cancer treatment. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering helping us in this difficult time. Your nonprofit is truly a blessing to so many!”

If you would like to donate to FETCH a Cure to help other families like Lili’s pay for pet cancer treatment funding, please visit our donation page. Every dollar makes a difference in helping companions in need!

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