Melanoma in dogs


Did you know that dogs can get melanomas just like people? Cats can as well, but it is less common. Dogs usually get them in their mouths, and sometimes on their toes. It is unknown what causes these growths. The growth needs to be completely removed and often, dogs are treated with a melanoma vaccine. This is not traditional chemotherapy and is usually tolerated very well by dogs.

This lovely lady is Libby a nine-year old Labrador Retriever. She is very loved by her family, but she hasn’t always been the easiest dog to care for. Her owner Tameka writes, “she has chewed the paint off walls, put holes in all my socks, torn apart more than one toy, had worms come out her butt, pooped on the living room floor and on the floor on the last day of obedience class, and yes, once she tried to eat a frog…She is our Libby, our Liberty Bell, Libby Bell, Smelly Belly, Bella, Bells, Yibby, and a million other names she’s probably ashamed we call her.  And we love her with every bit of our hearts.”

Tameka took Libby to the veterinarian in April of 2013 for a routine dental cleaning. She was devastated when the vet found a mass on her tongue and diagnosed Libby as having a lingual melanoma. Tameka reached out to FETCH a Cure for help. FETCH a Cure was able to provide financial assistance for surgery to remove the tumor and follow-up treatment with a melanoma vaccine.  We are thrilled to report that Libby remains cancer-free and is doing great! Go, Libby!




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