Momma’s Story

Our latest Companions in Crisis recipient is named Momma. Read on to find out why! She is receiving radiation treatment for her nasal carcinoma by Dr. Pamela White at The Oncology Service in Leesburg. 

“Momma came to me as a foster in 2015. She, along with nine beautiful puppies, had been seized by animal control due to neglect. I was an employee at the shelter when the call came in that her previous owner was suffering from dementia and was unable to care for Momma and her puppies. Thankfully we were able to send animal control in time to save Momma and nine of her 10 puppies. 

“Regardless of how she had been treated, she was the sweetest dog I had ever met.  She was so forgiving to people even after what had happened to her; she came into my  home loving and trusting as though she had never experienced such tragedies. Seeing  her love and care for her puppies was both admirable and heartbreaking. I wished that she herself could have been cared for in such a loving way from day one. Although I couldn’t change her past, I knew I could give her a bright future. I would show her how it felt to be someone’s little baby. My husband and I do not have children of our own  besides Momma, but having her is the greatest joy we could have ever hoped for and  we are not able to give up on her. 

“Anyone who meets her falls in love with Momma because she has such a pure heart that loves unconditionally. We want to be able to provide her with the comfort and time that come with her proposed treatment. She is my greatest joy. I come from a difficult childhood, and Momma helps me each and every day with my anxiety and purpose. I don’t know what we would do without her — she is much more than a pet to us. Hearing those words “Momma does have cancer,” I felt as though my heart has been torn out. 

“She has been through more than most in her life but has always come out fighting. We want to give her everything that we can to fight this cancer. We know that it isn’t yet her time – she has much more life in her, she just needs help through this. Momma lives every day to its fullest, and she just needs us to do everything in our power to get her the medical care she needs.”

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