Nya the Siberian Husky

Meet Nya, our latest Companions in Crisis recipient, who lives in New Kent County.

“Nya joined our family as a puppy of 13 weeks as my wife’s and my first dog. She was one of the last huskies left in the litter; because she had brown eyes instead of blue, no one wanted her. As with most huskies, she was wide open and full of life from day one, which has continued for nine long years. She is our first baby and is treated as such despite already costing us thousands in home damages and her first surgery.

“Fast forward to the present when she was diagnosed with a grade 1 soft tissue sarcoma. Swift Creek Vet removed the cancerous mass but were unable to get clean margins, indicating that the cancer remains. After speaking with an oncologist, we learned that the recommended course of action to cure her is to have a board-certified surgeon try and get clean margins. Without this surgery the oncologist estimates a 30% chance of local recurrence with a possibility that it could move from grade 1 to grade 2. Nya is a wonderful dog who has separation anxiety from my wife and me, and quite honestly, it goes both ways. I do not know what we will do without her.”

Nya and her family have been awarded a CIC grant to help cover the costs of her surgery that will take place at Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital in Richmond. Good luck, Nya!

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