Sam is our beautiful Siamese. He is 17 years young, and still plays with his brother, sister, and our two dogs. He loves to play change the sheets, but his true love is snuggling with us. Sam was a shelter cat we rescued, (or we were rescued) in Los Angeles. He was on a ledge in the cattery, asleep sitting up, but when the handler went in the area, she patter her shoulder, and Sam jumped into her arms. We knew instantly that he was meant for our family. As a military family, we have moved over 15 times, taking all of our animals either y driving or flying with us. Sam has seen a lot of this country.

My wife, Laura, has fibromyalgia, and Sam is the ultimate therapy cat for her. He knows, sometimes before she does, when she needs to sit down or lay down, and he immediately lays down on the part of her body that is hurting, he has always done this, and they have an incredible bond. Our sons, Jacob and Nicky, also have a special bond with Sam. He is always there for them when they have a bad day, or aren’t feeling good. Just holding Sam and talking to him, and hearing him talk back can make everything better. Sam has been with our family for 14 years, and we cannot imagine life without him. He is a little cross-eyed, and has a bit of an overbite, but that only makes him more lovable.

I can remember, when Laura came home from surgery one day (an emergency appendectomy), still sore, but anxious to see her kitties. Sam ran out of the bedroom, and jumped into her arms, he was ready for her to be home, and needed to make sure she was ok. Everyone we have met, in all of our travels, all of our different homes and cities, have fallen in love with Sam. He has converted more non-cat lovers than anyone we know, simply by giving of himself, his love and affection. We have people praying around the country for our precious Sam, and are hoping, with your help, to have many more years with him. He is, quite simply, irreplaceable, and a vital part of our lives, our children’s lives, and his brother, sister, and two dog siblings.

Hearing that Sam has cancer, and that is a higher grade than was originally projected, has devastated our family. Sam has been a trooper, talking after surgery, and eating and drinking on his own. He is a fighter, and as long as he wants to fight, so will we. We need him and he needs us! We love him.