Sweet Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a sweet Chihuahua mix who’s being treated for mammary carcinoma by Dr. Waite at The Oncology Service Richmond. Her pet parent writes:


“Peanut Butter went through a lot before she found me. A couple found her pregnant and seemingly abandoned on the street. They searched for her family but no one ever claimed her. She eventually found her way to the care of my friend and her roommate. They took care of her through her pregnancy and after the birth of her puppies. They were looking to rehome her, and when she met me there was no other choice. We took to each other immediately and have been best friends ever since.


“Like many dogs her favorite thing is a long walk. Honestly, it’s more like she walks me than I walk her. She loves to explore our neighborhood, showing me places I would have never seen if she hadn’t taken me there. I’ve discovered hidden parks, restaurants, gardens, and more on these walks. She’s so tiny but she seems to have boundless energy. One of my biggest fears is her losing that energetic ability to go on walks if the cancer progresses.


“I found a few lumps in her mammaries in February and after several vet visits and surgery, one of the tumors was diagnosed as a mammary carcinoma. I’m extremely optimistic that with the right treatment she will live a long life full of long walks!”

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