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  1. Has Spring Finally Sprung?

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    Daffodils in Snow

    It has been a long, hard winter, hasn’t it? My kids were out of school for eleven days, usually for 1 or 2 inches of snow or a “wintry mix.” Any snow at all in Richmond is disastrous. In Goochland, one of the suburbs of Richmond, the kids missed eighteen days of school. We’ve had a few teaser days of nice weather, but it is the last week of March and we have been wearing sweaters all week. I passionately despise all of my winter clothes. I’m so sick of wearing them!

    Spring brings with it so much promise and hope. I love seeing little shoots of green here and there and buds on the trees. Baby goats, lambs and bunnies are scampering around at Maymont, our local petting zoo. People are trying to wear their spring outfits, even though it is still cold outside. Here at the FETCH office, we are gearing up for a very busy spring. We have several events in April, our big golf tournament in May, and our Gala in June. We are feeling a little overwhelmed by everything we have to do, but we are super excited to be able to participate in such great community events with our wonderful supporters. Check out our calendar of upcoming events at www.fetchacure.org. We hope to see you out and about! Look for me – I’ll be the one wearing flip-flops and a cardigan.