Tails of RVA

One of the Tails of RVA portraitsHave you ever looked at your dog or cat and thought, “I have the cutest pet ever!”? If you’re like us, you think this several times a day.

Now, thanks to Hayes & Fisk Photography’s new book “Tails of RVA”, you can capture your pet’s beauty and prove it to everyone–all while helping FETCH a Cure.

Hayes & Fisk Photography is a Richmond-based photography studio run by Jamie Hayes and Mary Fisk-Taylor. On top of being award-winning portrait photographers, Jamie and Mary also run two to three charitable projects a year and have a soft spot for furry friends. “We hadn’t worked with a pet-related program in a while, so it worked out perfectly to partner with FETCH,” says Jamie. “Anything that supports pets, we’re all in.” According to Jamie, it was Mary who came up with the project of Tails of RVA.

Tails of RVA is a limited edition coffee table book featuring Richmond’s dogs and cats. Each participant will receive a personalized copy of the book with their pet on the cover, and the best part is: $100 from each session goes to FETCH to help further our efforts.

Photographing Pets

“When Millie first came in, she was shaking from head to toe,” Jessica Arnest recalls of her dog’s photography session. Millie, an older yellow lab, was very unsure of the big lights and camera when she entered the Hayes & Fisk studio. Her demeanor quickly changed, thanks in part to Jamie’s nonsensical noises and collection of squeaky toys and treats. “Within fifteen minutes, Jamie had assured her she was safe and had her tail wagging. After that, she didn’t want to leave.”




Luna, a pitbull mix, during her Tails of RVA session

Luna during her portrait session.

Jamie encourages even the most nervous or seemingly non-photogenic of pets to come to the studio. “We’ve gotten a few clients that come in and say, ‘My dog is horrible, I can never get any good pictures of them!’ The thing is though, we specialize in photographing toddlers, so dogs and cats are easy by comparison.”

Jamie and Mary’s talent and love of animals both shine through in their stunning portraits. Allie Meagher, FETCH’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator, was amazed at the shots they got of her rambunctious pittie mix, Luna. “She has so much personality, and that really comes through in her pictures,” Allie says. “Jamie captured her goofy head tilt perfectly.”

“Tails of RVA” will debut at our upcoming Pets on Parade benefit on June 7th, 2019. Hayes & Fisk is accepting appointments for the book through the end of April. To book your session, contact the studio at 804-740-9307 or email mary@hayesandfisk.com.

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