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  1. Rugby: Celebrating One Year Cancer Free

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    Rugby became a Companions in Crisis in 2022, and received two grants totaling over $5,500 from FETCH over a two year period. Rugby was diagnosed with prostatic carcinoma, and just celebrated one full year of being cancer free! Below is Rugby’s story, as shared by his mom.

    “Rugby was diagnosed with Cancer officially in June 2020 and started chemo around July.

    It started with some stinky breath. I had been trying to clean Rugby’s teeth, but he hates getting them brushed, so we scheduled an appointment for a cleaning at his regular vet at Staples Mill Animal Hospital in Woodbridge.”

    Before putting Rugby under for a dental, he had a veterinary exam, where a heart murmur and enlarged prostate were found.

    Rugby was neutered seven years prior. He was a cryptorchid (one or both of his testicles didn’t descend) and his family was told that put his at an increased risk of developing cancer later in life. According to the University of California, Davis, “Cryptorchid males are up to 13 times more likely to develop testicular cancer than normal dogs.”

    “Upon seeing his enlarged prostate, the vet immediately scheduled Rugby with Regional Veterinary Referral Center in Springfield at the Oncology Center. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Tidd were amazing! We started Rugby on  Carboplatin with Piroxicam followed by Leukeran.

    For the first year this went really well. But in October 2022, Rugby was admitted to the Emergency Vet with blood in his urine, lethargy and issues defecating. The vet reported he had an enlarged prostate and was not making red blood cells. He recommended seeing the oncologist as soon as possible.”

    This is where FETCH came in. Luckily, Rugby’s family had pet insurance, Care Credit, and some savings, and were able to cover his treatments. But with this unexcepted news and a recommendation of radiation, Rugby’s family knew that to save his life, they’re need help. Rugby mom said, “We finally reached out to Fetch for help, after exhausting all of my savings and well into my regular budget.”

    Rugby saw Dr. White at Leesburg Oncology in December of 2022. Dr. White quickly got a plan in place and scheduled Rugby for radiation in January 2023. “Rugby did great, everybody at the oncology office loved him, and they asked a couple times if they could just keep him!”

    Rugby was doing well, playing fetch again, he was no longer picking at every food on the planet, and was going on long walks again.

    That was a year ago. In an update, Rugby’s mom wrote, “As of 1/15/24 it has been exactly 1 year since radiation. Rugby had an appointment last week and the vet said Rugby’s prostate and lymph nodes look smaller and stable.”

    Over three years past his diagnosis and one year past his radiation treatment date, Rugby is doing well. His cancer is in remission, and he’s enjoying every extra second with his family and those he loves most.

    We’re so thankful for every member of the FETCH family who helped give Rugby and his family more time together.

    Read a post from December 2022, when Rugby first became a Companions in Crisis grant recipient!