FETCH Feature: Bocephus the Cat

Bocephus looking at the camera.Meet Bochepus, a 15 year old Persian cat and recent Companions in Crisis recipient.

Bocephus’ family took him to the veterinarian after they noticed him making a snoring noise while sleeping. Throughout his entire life, he’d never been a snorer, so they thought he may be sick. They were right — the vet found a mass in his tonsil. Though the initial biopsy came back inconclusive, the vet referred them to a specialist in hopes of getting it surgically removed.

The specialist, however, deemed the mass inoperable. They took larger biopsy samples, which tested positive for squamous cell carcinoma.

Bocephus will undergo six treatments of radiation at The Oncology Service. FETCH is grateful to be able to help Bocephus and his family!


Bocephus lounging on the couch after a haircut.

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