FETCH Feature: Honey (Companions in Crisis)

At FETCH a Cure, we encounter quite a few dogs and cats. Through our Companions in Crisis (CIC) and Pixie’s Pen Pals programs, we have helped hundreds of animals. What many people don’t think about, however, is that when an animal becomes a CIC Recipient or a Pen Pals participant, they become part of the FETCH a Cure family. That doesn’t end when they leave our programs. We have built a community in which families stay connected with us long after their original participation. We love seeing pictures of their new lives and keeping up with how they are doing, and we want to share that with everyone. So, we will be posting weekly FETCH Features about our animals. These will include Pen Pals dog alumni, past CIC recipients, and dogs that are currently up for adoption through the Pen Pals program.

Meet Honey, a Companions in Crisis recipient!

Honey wearing protective eye gear during cold laser therapy. Honey, a 9 year old Belgian Malinois, became a Companions in Crisis recipient in 2018 after being diagnosed with fibrous sarcoma. She is currently undergoing cancer treatments every 8 weeks. She is also receiving cold laser therapy every week to strengthen her hips, knees and shoulders on the legs not affected by the cancer. She’s taking two walks a day, and her moms says her progress has been “slow and steady, but remarkable.”

Here she is sporting her protective eye gear for the cold laser sessions, and looking like a WWI pilot. We are so happy she is doing well!






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