FETCH Feature: Kilo, a 2020 CIC

Kilo, a 2020 Companions in Crisis recipient Meet Kilo, a 7 year old mastiff mix and one of our first 2020 Companions in Crisis recipients 💙🐾

Kilo’s health started to decline toward the end of 2019, starting with lethargy and lack of appetite, followed by incontinence and seizures. Several visits with the vet, pet ER, and a specialist later, and they discovered that Kilo had a large brain tumor on his pituitary gland. The tumor was 50% the height of his brain.

Kilo is currently undergoing radiation treatment with Dr. Holmes at The Oncology Service here in Richmond, Virginia. “I cannot imagine a morning without slobbery dog kisses, or coming home and not having him greet me at the door,” says his mom. “I refuse to give up on him.”

Kilo LOVES his “tiny humans” more than anything. There is just a 10 month age gap between him and the oldest son, and they have been bonded since they were little. He used to guard the baby’s bassinet, and would fetch their mom anytime he would start to cry. He also assisted the youngest son in learning to walk! Kilo would walk behind him, catching him anytime he’d fall backwards.

Needless to say, Kilo is one remarkable dog! We are very thankful to be able to help him and his family with treatment.

                                     Kilo with his human brother

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