Found a Peanut!

Peanut Kern is a nine-year-old Miniature Schnauzer; she’s receiving radiation treatment for her thyroid carcinoma. Peanut has been receiving chemotherapy but the cancer has progressed, so radiation has been recommended at The Oncology Service Springfield with Dr. Ira Gordon. 

Her parent shares their story: 

“About a year after I lost my chihuahua Bruiser to cancer,  my heart was ready to reach out to a rescue agency about any smaller dogs staying at the shelter that have some type of illness or injury, particularly the ones that other people wouldn’t want to care for. That very day Peanut’s information was forwarded to my email.

“Peanut came to Virginia in 2019 as a rescue from Texas when tropical storms and flooding devastated the area where she lived. Peanut’s previous owners may have turned her in after she developed a mass on her neck. Once retrieved by the rescue agency, Peanut spent days receiving tests and immunizations before we even knew this sweet girl existed. After receiving the correspondence from the shelter, I knew Peanut belonged with our little family. 

“When we met it was apparent that she was well behaved, even though she was timid and skittish. Now Peanut is a loving, gentle ‘teddy bear’ who loves her squeaky toys. Despite her thyroid cancer, Peanut has always had healthy spurts of energy and playfulness.

“When I took Peanut home two years ago to foster, I was told she had 8-12 weeks and I knew the priority was to love her, make her feel welcome and comfortable, and give her the best life for as long as she had. After about six months she showed no signs of slowing down! However, the area of concern remained: the growing mass in her thyroid.

“We spent many months getting Peanut diagnosed as we moved from fostering to adopting her. She has been our little miracle girl from the beginning! I hope we can provide Peanut many more years with the stamina she deserves.” 

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