Miss B

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMiss B (aka Venus) was adopted through the Pen Pals Program! Miss B’s true personality has come out and what a sweetheart she has become!  You always knew she was a sweetheart and I hope you were able to see just how fun-loving, quick to please, and vocal she could be.  Like at the dog park the other day, she got to the top of the ramp and started to come down, but waited for me to take her picture.  When I was trying to lead her onto another small ramp she decides it was time for a belly rub.  That dog thinks she can get a belly rub just whenever she wants one!  Oh, yeah, she does!

When I come home and she’s been in her pen, she does a circle dance around me, grinning and howling and talking up a storm.  Then if she’s been waiting in the house instead, she takes one tennis shoe of mine and puts it on her towel on the living room floor and the other shoe goes on the couch … always the same shoes and in the same spots … then she does her dancing and singing.  She’s quite the outside girl and can’t wait to go up to tend to the horses or water plants with me or, her favorite thing, circling the pond hunting frogs (I don’t think she’s ever caught one) or sitting on the side of the pond watching the fish now that the water is really low (we need rain badly).  By the way, with all the running she does now she is in excellent shape, all muscled up, weighs 34.5 lbs and is one lean machine, happy puppy!
Miss B. always comes to me when I call her IF she’s within earshot and hasn’t gotten a bead on some critter running away.  If she doesn’t, it’s not but a few minutes before she’s back again.  She even minds when she’s trying to sneak off and I tell her to stay here.  The horses don’t usually bother her, but if one gets too close, she scoots away … I’m glad she has a healthy respect for them.  Lately she’s been fussing (barking) at them after they finish their grain because they’re hanging around their feed bowls resting instead of going back into the pasture right away.  She’s telling them to go on about their business so she can clean up their scraps!  What a funny girl!
Guess you can tell I’m in love. She is such a comfort to me and a great companion.  I take her with me whenever I can.  Thank you both so much for all the hard work in training you did, but I know she paid you back, too.  What a wonderful program you all have to help both the dogs and the women, too!!