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Help Save These Pets and Others Like Them.


Happy Holidays, My Name is Katie
Happy Holidays, My Name is Katie…I’m a 12 years old “Bugg”, that’s Pug and Boston Terrier mix, and I’m a three time survivor of Mast Cell Cancer. FETCH a Cure has helped with support for my chemotherapy treatments and medication. I just had my recheck this week at The Oncology Service, and although I will continue to be treated for mast cell, I feel GREAT! 
 FETCH made a difference in my life and I’m so happy to be celebrating another holiday with my “paw”rents this year. 
I’m a Bottomless “Pit”bull Full of Love

I’m a bottomless “Pit”bull full of love. My name is Nelly and my mom rescued me from Gracie’s Guardians after I told her I would be hers and I’d love her with all my heart, forever. I have a history of Mast Cell Tumors and my mom provides ongoing monitoring to help detect any early warning signs of new cancer.  Well, thank goodness she was checking, because Mammary Cancer was found and at a higher grade than the Mast Cell. FETCH a Cure stepped in to help my mom get me life-saving chemotherapy and I’m doing much better now. I still have some treatments to go and could use your support for FETCH a Cure to further my success. I want to be around to lick my mom’s face with kisses for a long time to come. 

If You Have a Tennis Ball I’m Your Friend for Life

My name is Tucker and if you have a tennis ball I’m your friend for life. My lab-ness makes me playful and active and I enjoy hanging out with my crew at Church Hill dog-park.  My dad found a lump on my neck and reacted quickly.  He took me to a vet and they said I have Lymphoma.  Lymphoma advances rapidly so my dad wanted to start treatments right away, but he was not able to pay for them. FETCH a Cure jumped in to help support my chemotherapy as it was important to start this treatment quickly.  My dad is grateful to FETCH for their help and I’m doing extremely well with the chemo right now.  I will need more treatments and it would be wonderful if you could help.  I want to catch that squirrel and that might take a few more years. 

Donate to FETCH a Cure Today.

$1,000 Funds a CT Scan and partial radiation therapy

$500 Funds 1-2 doses of chemotherapy treatment

$100 Pays for blood work

$50 Funds drug therapy

$25 Funds bandages and medical supplies

A donation in any amount helps support Katie, Nelly, Tucker, and other pets like these. 


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