My name is Dana and I am writing to tell you about a very vital part of my family…my dog Buster. I never had many pets so I didn’t know how rescuing Buster was going to change my life. In all reality I think he rescued me! 8 short years ago I lost my mom to cancer. Very soon after that loss I rescued Buster because I had such a voided empty spot in my life. I took one look in his eyes and knew in that moment I needed him as much as he did me! He has not only become a family pet but has become my child my companion and my best friend my therapist my personal trainer….I could keep going! I came home from work about three weeks ago and saw his lymph nodes on each side of his throat were swollen like golf balls. Long story short he has Lymphoma. I feel like I’m living that aweful day 8 years ago when told my Mom had 6 weeks left. I heard of Fetch A Cure through my vet Kelly Broz. What an amazing organization!