A Home for Snoopy

snoopy It had finally happened.  After over a year in the FETCH a Cure’s Pixie’s Pen Pals  program, Snoopy, a chubby hound mix with a heart of gold, had been adopted.  Not  only was he adopted, but he was the 200th adoption to happen at the Fluvanna  Correctional Center for Women.  Not only was he the 200th adoption, but Snoopy  was my first adoption as the Pen Pals Coordinator at FETCH a Cure.  I thought for  sure this was a sign.

The following day, I received an update from Snoopy’s new mom, who stated that  he’s great around the family and they love him already.  She also asked for advice  on introducing Snoopy to her pet cat.  I sent her some information on cat-to-dog  introductions, and she dutifully followed the instructions.  However, her cat-to-dog  introductions did not have the desired outcome:  Snoopy loves to chase cats and  was overly interested in what the cat was doing.  Despite this disruptive and  worrying behavior, his owner decided to contact us for more advice and information to create a harmonious home.  She was ready to work at it rather than give up–a pet is a commitment that she doesn’t take lightly.  However, after speaking to one of our trainers about the behavior, all parties came to the unfortunate decision that Snoopy had to be returned for the safety of the cat.


One week after being adopted, Snoopy was returned to FETCH a Cure.  It was a heartbreaking scene for me:  Snoopy and his new adopter were so obviously attached to each other, but his adopter had to make a decision that broke her heart for the sake of the innocent pets involved.  His adopter insisted on writing a glowing recommendation for Snoopy.  She stated that she has no idea how Snoopy has been in our program so long because he’s such a “perfect gentleman.”


“Snoopy is an extremely affectionate, loving boy who will snuggle up with you, try to sit in your lap, spend the day watching old movies with you, or jog around a bike path with you, all with the same happy temperament.  He is friendly with everyone.  His behavior is impeccable.  I have never known a dog so perfectly house-trained and so disinterested in belongings that are not his.  He will not touch your things.  Although he loves his food, he will wait until you tell him to take it before eating a treat or his dinner.  The only time he barked was the first couple of days when he saw strangers walking in front of the house, although he is alert in the evening and will sit up and watch and listen if he hears a noise in the middle of the night.  It is a delight to have him around.

It’s very easy to love Snoopy.  After just one week, I cried when I had to take him back.  He did nothing wrong, he just did not get along with my cat.  I hope someone will give him another chance.  He will do his very best to make you happy.”


Snoopy’s adopter wants you all to know that he’s really the most amazing dog and we all want to see him find the perfect forever home.  Snoopy will be at the South of the James Farmers Market on Saturday, October 18th, from 10am until Noon, and at our 4th Annual Mutt Strutt on Sunday, October 26th, from 1pm until 3pm.  Please come out and meet this wonderful boy and give him the chance to be your best friend.

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