Home Sweet Home for Silverbelle

Recent Pen Pals graduate, Silverbelle, is loving her new forever home and her mom, Daici, couldn’t be happier with her new four-legged bestie! Check out this sweet update from Daici below:

I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me to find Silverbelle. She is absolutely the perfect fit for me and  I couldn’t be happier and I will go ahead and speak the same from her!! I’m just so happy everyone listened to my needs and guided me to her instead of another dog I was initially interested in. She has been such a well mannered dog and she was perfect from the start. I feel like she has been my pet for years and years. I have been keeping up with her training and I’m so grateful for the baseline that she has been given! Please thank her handlers again for me!  I’m 33 and never really had pets before and I never realized how much I was missing out. Silverbelle brings such joy to my life.

I got to watch the CBS episode on the program…Such a proud mommy, my little celebrity! DVR recorded and saved the link on my phone. 🙂 Shared with all friends and family!!

Silverbelle is still trying to figure out the whole toy thing. I bought her pretty much everything they make and she wasn’t too interested, but turns out ok because she is also not interested in my shoes or anything else around the house. She loves real sticks so I will throw those for her and maybe one day she will bring them back to me. (I wont hold my breath waiting for that). She love her bones and kongs so I will stick with what works.

Silverbelle gets to go to the local dog park more days than not and she just loves other dogs. I’m so proud when I take her there because she does so well with all dogs big or small. My first day taking her I had the realization that I had the most beautiful dog there and the best behaved (but my friend (dog owner of many years) told me every one thinks their dog is the best) I have been sure to recommend your program to everyone who asks about her!

It took me a while to finally be able to go for a run with her, our first run was an absolute success!  This was one of the things I was really hoping for and she is a great running partner!! She is just my perfect companion. Even her quirks are adorable to me.

My favorite thing is cuddling with her, she is sooooo lovable and we can sit around for hours and she is just happy to hang out. She lets me do what ever I want in trade for love 🙂 I brush her teeth, moisturize her paws, brush her, and she lets me clean her paws after a rainy walk and she waits so patiently without any push back picking on up at a time so cute!! She even tolerates booties and clothes!

She still has some uncertainties with some people and kids but were working on that and she is already improving. Again I couldn’t be happier with the choice of adding Silverbelle to my life!! Please thank everyone again who was a part of the process!!

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