Misha picture sleeping

Please allow me to introduce Misha….my beautiful Apple Head Siamese…the love of my life!  I’ve had Misha in my life since she was a tiny kitten.  Misha was a birthday gift from my father, as it turns out the last one he ever gave me as he passed away later that year…so she is loved not only for being so special in her own right, but also because she was a very special gift.  Her name is Russian for ‘Michael’, which was my father’s name.

Misha is a very smart kitty, she somehow hasn’t figured out that she’s a cat…she’s extremely protective of me and acts like a dog whenever a stranger comes near and growls to warn me until I tell her it’s OK.  She’s always by my side or near me when I’m home…a wonderful companion.

Misha has a sister two years younger than she…they have been inseparable !  It’s so wonderful that they love each other so much…all the while they have very different personalities .

Since I have no children my two kitties are my children…I tell everyone  ‘my children have four paws and a tail”!

Thank you for your consideration in helping my beautiful Misha and Misha sends her love too!