Meet Bella, 2021’s First CIC Recipient

Pitbull mix Bella is our first Companions in Crisis recipient of 2021. Sarah, Bella’s mom, tells her story.

“Bella has been my absolute best friend ever since I adopted her seven years ago. She has helped me through so many hard times and has always been by my side. It’s easy to say that without a doubt I love this dog more than life. A couple months ago I noticed Bella was acting differently. She wasn’t as excited about her favorite things: treats, car rides, walks etc. As time went on, she started going to the bathroom in the house, which is completely out of character.

“Immediately I took her to the vet, knowing something wasn’t right. After spending about $2,000 between vet visits and running tests, I eventually realized her lymph nodes were swollen. I took her to the vet again and they diagnosed her with lymphoma. So I found an oncologist and talked about our options. I knew right away that I wanted to go with the CHOP protocol. Although it’s the most expensive, it was also likely to be the most effective.

“Everyone, including my family, called me crazy and said it wasn’t worth it for ‘some dog.’ But Bella isn’t just ‘some dog’ to me – she’s my best friend and I could never imagine giving up on her. We are currently halfway through her treatments, and Bella is reacting very well to the chemo. She is currently in a complete remission.”

FETCH a Cure is happy to be able to help Bella and her owner pay for the treatment she needs by awarding a Companions in Crisis grant! Bella, a Maryland pup, is receiving treatment at Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington, D.C.

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