Meet Karly

Meet Karly, a chocolate lab and our latest Companions in Crisis grant recipient. Karly’s mom writes, “My sweet dog Karly was my grandma’s dog. My grandmother, who absolutely adored Karly, passed away in October 2020 from Alzheimer ’s disease. The dog my grandma had prior to Karly passed away from lymphoma, and she got Karly immediately after.

“Karly was diagnosed with metastatic mast cell disease after a surgery to remove a tumor in her eye. Unfortunately, the tumor was not removed completely, and the cancer has also spread to Karly’s right submandibular lymph node. She is only four years old and still has so much life in her. She is the sweetest dog I have met and loves nothing more than cuddles and walks! I want to do everything I possibly can to help her and get rid of this cancer. She means the world to me, just like she meant the world to my grandma.”

Karly is being treated by Dr. Gordon at The Oncology Service Springfield. Speedy recovery, Karly!

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