Bailey 1

The moment I start to write about my sweet girl the tears start to roll.  She is one of the most loving dogs I have ever owned and way too young to be given a death sentence.  My parents got her as a puppy when they thought they really wanted a mastiff breed, but soon realized that she was too much for them to handle.  I quickly agreed to take her as we had spent a lot of time together at my parent’s house and I had watched her a lot as a puppy.  Also on my 13-year-old boxer Duke was dealing with a spinal disease that I knew would take his life very soon (He passed away two years ago).  Needless to say she came at a great time.  I started to have her full time when she was about six months old.  She has been a handful at times, but after intensive training with Auburn Leach Academy and daily walking sessions with Myself or my husband she has become a wonderful companion.  She spends her days with me as I work from home and she means the world to me.  I have always had dogs and have dealt with losing them, but to lose her at 4 seems so unfair.

Last Monday was one of the worst days of my life… 8 hours I was told that my Bailey had lymphoma and my boxer Sadie has aspiration pneumonia.    We almost lost them both last week with Bailey having to be admitted to the emergency vet when her neck swelled to twice its size.  Prior to this I was told she just had an eye infection and was sent home with eye drops.   Bailey showed no signs of any illness and was her normal self until about two days before being admitted.   She has shown her true strength and has kept me strong this week.  Having had chemo twice already she is showing improvement, but we are not sure how we can continue payments for these.  I have also set a meeting with a holistic vet to see other things we can do to help her.  I hope that you all will help me give her a chance and get to meet her.