Belle stick

“Three weeks ago I found out my best friend has cancer.” (This was the start to a letter that FETCH a Cure received from a young college student). The vet told me that she has Lymphoma and would probably only live for two more years if going through chemotherapy. Of course I was willing to do this, she is only 3 years old and luckily I purchased health insurance for her but because I have to pay up front and then be reimbursed I am facing a very difficult problem. So far my father has been helping me and my pet financially but do not know how much longer he can as he is temporarily unemployed.Belle (19)

FETCH a Cure was pleased to be able to loan Frank money to pay up front for Belle’s chemotherapy. Frank had wisely purchased health insurance for Belle when she was a puppy and the insurance company paid for all of her treatment.


Update: Frank has been one of our best volunteers and has fostered several Pen Pals dogs and was a life-saver at our 2015 Pets on Parade Gala. As of this writing (March 2016) Belle was in remission and doing great!