A Tribute to Bianca

Bianca was a white American Bulldog with black spots. She had a giant blocky head that she would lovingly rest on her owner’s knee or drape over the arm of the sofa. In 2012, Bianca was diagnosed with a spinal cord meningioma. I took her to Virginia Tech for surgery to have the tumor removed. Sadly, her veterinarian discovered another tumor in her brain with a follow up CT scan. We opted to treat Bianca with radiation therapy. She lived in Southwest Virginia. As there was no treating facility nearby, we went to Charlottesville to stay with family. I drove Bianca back and forth to Springfield, Virginia (at least two hours each way) daily for over a month. If I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. Bianca did amazing and lived for three years and two months after going through radiation. Sadly, she recently lost her battle to cancer.

From Beth Anne to FETCH a Cure,

“I’m writing to let you know that as hard as a decision it has been, Bianca was put down this morning. It’s been a hard decision! How can one easily call to set an appointment putting an end to a long unconditionally loving companionship? She’s has done phenomenal for 3 years and 2 months post treatment. WOW!! To be told a year with her could be guaranteed then get three, was a true gift that would not have been possible without the loving help from FETCH. I will never be able to thank you enough.

Yes, I do believe Bianca could be here with us longer, but I cannot carry her down the steps on days she knows her legs aren’t cooperating and a fall is likely. I could sleep on my couch for months, or I could allow her dignity and give her freedom from the bad days, which truly are bad. Those are the days I look at her and see her looking back at me as if to say “what is happening to me”. I’ve never encountered a dog more in tune with the human way of the world, must have pink bandages and not blue or green or yellow. I’m pretty sure she taught me not all dogs are color blind. But the most important thing she taught me was that like humans, dogs can thrive with the same treatments as humans and they know we are caring for them when going through these treatments. They know that bond they share with us is so strong that the fight proceeds them to beat the odds for their human caregivers, companions, and family showing you treatment is the only option.

I want to thank everyone at FETCH for their love and generosity which allowed us to have Bianca in our lives three more years! Anytime I can help please feel free to reach out and ask, Bianca would only insist to return the love she was given. Anything to keep her legacy alive in the education of what is possible through radiation and treatment of meningioma I will do if available or if I can rearrange to be available I will.

Please share this with everyone. We love each of you very much!”