The Incredible Hulk

Hulk is a five-year-old shepherd mix undergoing chemotherapy treatments with Dr. Waite at The Oncology Service Richmond. FETCH is happy to be helping cover costs with a Companions in Crisis grant. His owner shared his story:

“I’ll remember the day in 2016 we got Hulk forever because it was the day before my grandma passed away. He came into our lives at the most perfect time and we knew he was going to be the best boy. So far Hulk has traveled to 17 states and been on four road trips across the USA. He also lived in San Diego before moving to our home in Norfolk. 

“He loves belly rubs, chasing squirrels, hiking, exploring, long walks, playing in the sand at the beach and playing with his older sister, Fetty. He has always been our gentle giant, a loving, sweet, calm and happy boy. 

“In March we noticed a hard lump on his left flank area that seemed to be getting bigger. We were initially told it was scar tissue from a vaccination. After a week of keeping an eye on it, we called the vet and scheduled an appointment to get it checked. They aspirated it and sent the sample off to the lab for pathology. 

“After a week of waiting and watching this mass continue to grow, we got the news. It was malignant, a soft-tissue sarcoma. We scheduled surgery for April 21, 2021, and that day could not come soon enough. While waiting the mass grew rapidly and within three weeks was bigger than a baseball. While the mass was successfully removed, they were unable to get clean margins, so Hulk is now doing chemo. We remain hopeful that he will be able to have a long, healthy and happy life after chemo is complete!”

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