Companions in Crisis Feature: Moose

On July 4th, we noticed that Moose’s lymph nodes seemed swollen, and a few days later we were on our way to determining that he had lymphoma. Moose has no symptoms, just is a happy, go lucky, tennis ball loving snuggle machine. Moose came to us by chance, as he always came over from the neighbor’s house, who was never home, and we would play fetch with him, and him and our other dog, Cammy, became attached at the hip. His owners left him outside all of the time, and would leave for days at a time. It didn’t take long for us to ask if Moose could become a permanent part of our family. He’s been with us 6 years now, and we can’t imagine exhausting every option to try to extend his quality and length of life with us. There’s never a good time to find out someone you love has cancer, but we couldn’t be less prepared to deal with something like this financially. We bought this house in October, and recently found out we are expecting a baby. Because I have been working in a COVID ICU at my hospital throughout all of this craziness, I am now being told that in order to avoid caring for covid positive patients due to my pregnancy, I must take disability. While I am looking into my options, my hours are now limited, our income is taking a major hit, and we are trying to prepare for a baby. Moose means the world to us, and the thought of not being able to do everything possible for him due to financial reasons is inconceivable.

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