“Everywhere I Go, Gordon Goes with Me”

This gray-haired cutie is Gordon, a nine-year-old Plott hound who is being treated by Dr. Angharad Waite at The Oncology Service – Dogwood for bladder cancer. Through our Companions in Crisis program, FETCH a Cure is providing pet cancer treatment funding to help give Gordon more time with his best friend, his human dad. Read more about Gordon below:

Gordon’s Story

Gordon was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina by a Virginia shelter, and I adopted him in December of 2013. I was hoping to find a dog that could be a true companion, and Gordon has been that to me since day one.

Just about everywhere I go, Gordon goes with me. To say we have been through a lot together would be an understatement – he has been at my side through a serious illness, as my life was uprooted and we relocated to 

California, through the death of both my parents, job loss, and most recently, as we returned to Richmond, to begin a fresh start. Gordon has always been devoted – friendly to everyone, but always with a watchful eye on me, making sure I’m never far from sight. He is truly my best friend, and loves me unconditionally just as I do him.

His recent diagnosis of cancer was a devastating blow. Although he is not a young dog, he is still a young-spirited dog and aside from this diagnosis has always been healthy. Like all of us, he has slowed down somewhat – but when I take him to one of his favorite places, such as the beach, he runs and plays like a puppy. One of the reasons the diagnosis hit so hard is because aside from his troubles with urination, he shows no signs of feeling sick. Because of this, pursuing treatment was never in question… although I understand that chances are his life span will be shortened by the cancer, he still has a lot of happy life in him, and I want to do whatever I can to let him continue to have that as long as he can.

Donate Today to Help Provide Pet Cancer Treatment Funding to Pets Like Gordon

If you’re able, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to FETCH a Cure to help us continue our important work. With support from donors like you, FETCH is providing hope and options in the face of a scary cancer diagnosis. Providing pet cancer treatment funding gives families the chance to create more happy, healthy memories with their best friends. Thank you for making a difference in a companion’s life.

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