Bitsy Lou


Our Bitsy Lou was adopted from the Second Chance Animal Shelter in Powhatan back on October 24th of 2004 by an individual in the same housing area. The couple loved and raised Bitsy from the approximate age of 1 year old to 7 years of age. Unfortunately, when the original owner’s spouse passed away and then had other family medical issues arise, new owners for the adorable dog had to be found. Posters were hung throughout the complex. The same day they were placed, we saw it and inquired about the cute Beagle we saw on the flyer. We fell in love with this spunky, petite beagle and her demeanor. We thought about it overnight and the next day returned to retrieve our new family member.

She quickly became socialized with our male cat who is a couple years younger. The two know their boundaries with each other and rarely quarrel. Bitsy had regular medical appointments to receive check ups. Shortly before one of the regular visits, a small, tick size spot was seen about her right eye. The spot grew over a few weeks and she was returned to get it examined by the veterinarian. The vet surgically removed the spot and sent the tissue off for biopsy. We were contacted when the results of the test returned. It was very bad news of Melanoma. Since the growth rate was unknown, we decided to watch to see if it would return. After approximately 6.5 months, the growth returned. Since this is the second occurrence and she is less than ten years old, we want to be more aggressive in her treatment. X-Rays were taken of her lungs to verify the cancer had NOT spread. This was good news. However, treatment of this cancer to prevent spread and eradicate it is costly.

A short word play of our wonderful companion:

B – Beautiful Beagle

I – Inquisitive and Intelligent

T – Terrifically trained

S – Speedy Sweetheart

Y – Your Best Friend

L – Loving and Lively

O – Outgoing

U – Undeniable