Neelix sweater

In 2004, we moved to a new house and Neelix developed anxiety spraying and despite different tranquilizer prescriptions, Rescue Remedies and Feliway diffusers, he still sprays when he is angry, happy, anxious, victorious, or dinner is late. We have adapted by living with thrift store furniture for the past decade, throwing out and replacing it with new thrift store furniture every year or so, hanging towels on the bottom of all dresser drawers, and lining the walls with cardboard. We never considered getting rid of him, despite this destructive bad habit. We are childless and have five other cats, but they are cats. This is our almost-human baby, and the only one of the 11 cats we have taken care of during our marriage that we acquired as a kitten. And unfortunately he has been diagnosed with Nasal Adenocarcinoma.

He puts us to bed every night by massaging our head and neck, and if either one of us gets up during the night, it wakes him up and he puts us back to bed the same way.

He is the star of five YouTube videos with combined views of 45,970. One video of him playing on top of a printer has 36,333 views alone.