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  1. Meet Bella, 2021’s First CIC Recipient

    Pitbull mix Bella is our first Companions in Crisis recipient of 2021. Sarah, Bella’s mom, tells her story. “Bella has been my absolute best friend ever since I adopted her seven years ago. She has helped me through so many hard times and has always been by my side. It’s easy to say that without […]

  2. CIC: Foxy’s Story

    “I adopted Foxy from a high-kill shelter in rural Illinois where she had come in as a stray in 2011. Originally intended as a foster, Foxy quickly became a foster “failure” when I saw how closely she bonded with Wrigley, the terrier mix I’d rescued the year before. Since then, she’s been a tremendous help […]

  3. Sometimes CIC Means Cats in Crisis

    While more of our 2020 CIC recipients are dogs, FETCH a Cure also makes grants for cats in crisis. Meet these three furry felines: Ginter, Sabbath, and Mr. Biscuits. Little black cat Ginter came into his dad’s life as a feral neighborhood visitor. When he developed a mass on his ear, a vet visit confirmed […]

  4. Companions in Crisis Feature: Macie Gray

    Macie Gray is a 4-year-old Cane Corso being treated for lymphoma by Dr. Waite at The Oncology Service – Dogwood. Through FETCH a Cure’s Companions in Crisis program, her family is receiving essential veterinary financial assistance to help pay for Macie Gray’s lifesaving treatments. We are wishing this sweet family and their gorgeous girl all […]