The Dog Blog

  1. Sweet Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter is a sweet Chihuahua mix who’s being treated for mammary carcinoma by Dr. Waite at The Oncology Service Richmond. Her pet parent writes:   “Peanut Butter went through a lot before she found me. A couple found her pregnant and seemingly abandoned on the street. They searched for her family but no one […]

  2. Momma’s Story

    Our latest Companions in Crisis recipient is named Momma. Read on to find out why! She is receiving radiation treatment for her nasal carcinoma by Dr. Pamela White at The Oncology Service in Leesburg.  “Momma came to me as a foster in 2015. She, along with nine beautiful puppies, had been seized by animal control […]

  3. Meet Sleek Nook

    Meet sleek Nook, our latest CIC recipient. “We adopted Nook as a two-month-old in Georgia, where he was found seemingly abandoned by his mother in a grain silo. He quickly grew into an affectionate boy who loves to play furiously with his toys, eat just about anything, and chase around our older female cat Amelia, […]

  4. Tortie Cat Harley

    Harley, a cat in Alexandria, is our latest Companions in Crisis grant recipient. He is being treated at Del Ray Animal Hospital for lymphoma. “At four months old, Harley was taken to an animal shelter by a mother of a toddler who bit the kitten. After hearing that he was surrendered for protecting himself, I […]

  5. Boxer Bo

    “We rescued Bo in 2012 from the Virginia Beach SPCA when he was almost a year old. He had been left at the shelter by friends of his previous owner. We immediately went to meet him, and it was a match made in heaven! He licked our faces as well as his adopted big ‘sister,’ […]