The Dog Blog

  1. FETCH Feature: Freeloader (a Pen Pals Dog)

    At FETCH a Cure, we encounter quite a few dogs and cats. Through our Companions in Crisis (CIC) and Pixie’s Pen Pals programs, we have helped hundreds of animals. What many people don’t think about, however, is that when an animal becomes a CIC Recipient or a Pen Pals participant, they become part of the […]

  2. 12th Annual Pets on Parade

    Our 12th Anniversary Pets on Parade was one for the books! We are so grateful to our sponsors, in kind donors, volunteers, and guests. Everyone’s generosity helped us surpass our fundraising goals for this year’s event. The money raised at Pets on Parade goes directly to furthering our programs at FETCH a Cure. Our pets […]

  3. Foster with FETCH

    At FETCH a Cure, we couldn’t do what we do without volunteers. We are so grateful for all our dedicated friends who have stepped up to help with events, programs, administrative tasks, and so much more. We are especially thankful for those who have helped us with Pixie’s Pen Pals dogs, providing as-needed foster care […]

  4. Tails of RVA

    Have you ever looked at your dog or cat and thought, “I have the cutest pet ever!”? If you’re like us, you think this several times a day. Now, thanks to Hayes & Fisk Photography’s new book “Tails of RVA”, you can capture your pet’s beauty and prove it to everyone–all while helping FETCH a […]

  5. Happy Easter from FETCH a Cure!

    Thank you so much for stopping by our photo booth at the Easter Parade on Monument! We loved getting to meet you and your pups, and sharing information about how we can help with pet cancer treatment costs. Enjoy the photos below and be sure to like, share, and tag your photos on our Facebook […]